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24-hour Emergency Service


Rail Car Cleaning

Rail Car Cleaning

Debris Management

Debris Management

Derailment Cleanup & Freight Damage

Derailment Cleanup

General Construction

General Construction

Welcome to Tri-State Transfer & Salvage Inc.

Tri-State Transfer & Salvage, Inc. provides innovative and comprehensive solutions to the rail industry.  Whether you are the railroad, or the shipper; whether the commodity shipped is coal, lumber or grain; we will provide creative value-added solutions for the challenges you face every day.

By choosing from  our variety of standard and customized services, you gain Tri-States' expertise, experience and uncompromising customer commitment.

With locations in the southeastern United States, you can rely on our crews to quickly assist in freight damage prevention, rail car cleaning, debris management and general construction needs. Although our primary focus is rail and its related industries, our services are easily adapted to meet the needs of various businesses.  


*  Derailment Cleanup & Freight Damage Prevention

*  Rail Car Cleaning

*  Debris Management

*  General Construction